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26 January 2015
I said I was taking a break, and clearly that did not happen. There's some new brushes (sorta -- they're derived from the Doily Disaster set), and the website is no longer grey.
I also updated the preview images for most of the brushes to help make them a little more appealing.
If you have any comments, concerns, or find anything broken, there's a contact form linked to the right. If it's a bug report, please include your browser and version so I can troubleshoot it accurately.

16 January 2015
Yet again, more brushes are available.
Considering the rate at which I've been creating materials over the past few months, I may take a break for a while. (Unless I don't.)

12 January 2015
So, the new brush set is kind of weird. But it's there. Give it a shot!

9 January 2015
Happy New Year!
There's a new custom shape file available! When was the last time I made one of those?

1 December 2014
New, sparkly brushes! *gasp* Just in time for all those sparkly holiday scenes or something.
I'd recommend using that tutorial I posted yesterday as I didn't set any brush dynamics.

30 November 2014
New tutorial and feature.
I've also added a Terms of Use page outlining the terms of use for materials provided here a little more clearly. It doesn't change the scope of what is or isn't allowed - it's just clarification.

24 November 2014
New brush set...
I also gave in and added an image pack for the leaf brush.

4 November 2014
And now, two new brush sets are up. :D
I initially was not going to add the leaf brushes, as I do not have an image pack (and they have scatter effects), but I was nudged to do it anyway.

3 November 2014
The year's winding up, so I decided to clean things up a bit. I've changed the site around so that there's some 301 redirects in place, links to pages are now "pretty" thanks to mod_rewrite, and there's a new section.
The side navigation has also been updated slightly, bumping the Art/Downloads section in priority, and Comics has been moved down.
...Oh, wow, this reads like release notes. Anyway... Good stuff.

More may come in the near future.