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24 November 2014
New brush set...
I also gave in and added an image pack for the leaf brush.

4 November 2014
And now, two new brush sets are up. :D
I initially was not going to add the leaf brushes, as I do not have an image pack (and they have scatter effects), but I was nudged to do it anyway.

3 November 2014
The year's winding up, so I decided to clean things up a bit. I've changed the site around so that there's some 301 redirects in place, links to pages are now "pretty" thanks to mod_rewrite, and there's a new section.
The side navigation has also been updated slightly, bumping the Art/Downloads section in priority, and Comics has been moved down.
...Oh, wow, this reads like release notes. Anyway... Good stuff.

More may come in the near future.

22 September 2014
Well, there's an update, so of course I did something to the site. And that thing is add some more brushes.

10 September 2014
No Anniversary brush set, but a new one is up, nonetheless.

9 August 2014
More new brushes! I suppose I should start planning on making an anniversary set or something for Nagareboshi, seeing as it's coming up on 11 years since I first got the domain. :D

31 July 2014
New brushes. That is all.

2 July 2014
I've made a tutorial! Huzzah! Until I make a more suitable location, they will be under "Other Materials".