9 November 2017
3 New Clip Studio Brushes have been added.
I also have a couple of new resources up under image packs that have been added up on my Gumroad. Basically, there's a compilation of ink spatters, as well as a new Watercolor paper set.
You can download these from Gumroad for free -- all you need is an email address. When you enter the amount you want to pay, just enter "0".

2 September 2017
Well, I've been doing this site stuff for 14 years now! ... Nagareboshi.org is offically 14. :D
Also, as of July 25, I've been making Photoshop brushes for 10 years! So here's a new brush set!
These new brushes are hand-drawn (or in the case of the droplets, dripped), so they're really good for sketches and such.

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