18 December 2015
I've added a few new Manga Studio brushes, based on what's in the Sparklace set. Those brushes are all marked NEW!, but the list of new brushes is as follows:
Small Dithered Ribbon, Small Dithered Ribbon 2, Small Dithered Ribbon 3, Small Dithered Ribbon 4, Small Ribbon Repeat, Small Ribbon Repeat 2, Small Ribbon Repeat 3, KiraKira, Greyscale Floaty Circle, Greyscale Floaty Circle 2

For those curious, the previous update included the following tools:
Lacy Ribbon, Lacy Ribbon 2, Fancy Lacy Circle, Doily 4, Doily 5, Compositae, Compositae 2, Flower 2, Flower 3

In the future, I'll try to list out the new Manga Studio Brushes.

15 December 2015
New brushes! They're called "Sparklace". If you don't see anything updated in the "Featured" section, clear your browser cache!
The lacy patterns work best as borders -- and will probably be converted to Manga Studio format soon.

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