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17 August 2015
If you have Manga Studio, but were never sure how to install brushes, here's a tutorial for ya! I also uploaded more brushes to the Manga Studio section yesterday, too. Enjoy!

15 August 2015
I've added a new section over on the right. What for?
Well, previously, my brushes were pretty much only Photoshop. I'm working on some that will work in Manga Studio 5 / Clip Studio Paint.

So, go on. Check out the Manga Studio Brush section. I'll update it periodically with new materials.

11 July 2015
If you make a con-- Erm, if you download these new brushes, you might find yourself wondering why I put these things together... Eh.
By the way, one of the brushes in the set is best spaced at 150% - if you want to have it repeat along a border or something.

I have a couple of tutorials to put together, and I suppose I should redo the images in that area, because they are sorta bad.
So, new tutorials will probably come soon.

I've added a new tutorial, on creating lace designs. I actually had the screenshots and such done when I released the Doily Disaster set, so it's just sat in my queue a while...

6 June 2015
New brushes. Good for comics, and maybe some other things.

9 April 2015
Again, with new brushes. These are probably best used in comics... Sorta like the rest of the shoujo series.

8 February 2015
New brushes and corresponding image pack! Yay!