26 November 2015
The Manga Studio Brush section has been updated and reorganized. Hopefully it's easier to find things!

06 November 2015
Holy crap, so it's time for some updates! I'm still working on content in some places, but I'm mostly happy with things as they are at the moment.
First things first, I'd really like to thank the wonderful Kata Kane for her help with all this! This year has been rough for me, but Kata's help with getting the website into a more modern state has been totally invaluable!
In any case! Here's what's new:
  1. The Photoshop Brush and Image Pack sections have been reorganized.
  2. The Oekaki has been reinstalled from a clean install. Maybe give it a whirl if you have a chance? Registration's open!
  3. I've added a new featured user!
  4. Also, there's a new brush set.
So... Enjoy~!

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Fancy Circles
14 Brushes, CS2+
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